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At Haven Medical, our goal is to leave no stone unturned in finding treatment options for your care. Therapies for pain, infection, fatigue, neurological injury, and hormonal problems are often controversial. At Haven, we offer only those therapies with strong scientific and clinical evidence for their use. If you’d like to explore these modalities, make an appointment at Haven Medical to discuss which approaches might be beneficial to your condition.


When Haven Medical was first founded, we sold no supplements, believing that it was a conflict of interest to recommend something and then sell it. That was until a patient needed a particular supplement; the only company that makes that supplement sells only to physicians. Making the product available for that patient meant that we had to rethink our no-supplement policy. Today we carry various professional line supplements in our office, as well as a few others for your convenience. We trust these products: their quality, their purity, and their origin. Many of these are cheaper than products found locally. Patients are never expected or required to purchase supplements at Haven.

Intravenous Nutrition (IV Therapy)

When illness affects our bodies’ nutrient stores, either because of increased nutrient demands or by reducing our ability to absorb sufficient nutrients due to gastrointestinal dysfunction, intravenous therapies can improve those supplies to help us heal.  As we age, our GI tract’s ability to absorb nutrients decreases due to reduced stomach acid and impaired digestion, while additional factors such as acid suppressing drugs (Prilosec, Prevacid, Zantac, Pepcid, etc) can reduce certain vitamins (such as B12 and D) and minerals.  In cases of increased nutrient demand such as infections or chronic fatigue (CFS/ME), IV therapies can support the immune system and accelerate healing. Finally, studies from the University of Iowa support the use of high dose vitamin C IV in certain cancers. If you believe you have a medical condition that would benefit from intravenous therapy, make an appointment to discuss therapy with one of our practitioners. For more information visit IV Therapy.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

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HBOT is the medical use of oxygen under higher atmospheric pressure. Developed over a hundred years ago, HBOT is conventionally used to treat conditions such as carbon monoxide poisoning, decompression illness (“the bends”), poorly healing wounds, crush injuries, and radiation injury. Off-label use may benefit other conditions, and should be discussed on an individual basis with a practitioner trained in hyperbaric medicine. Dr. Rapaport is certified by the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine’s 60 hour Hyperbaric Medicine Training. For more information, contact Haven Medical or go to HBOT.

Halotherapy (Salt Lounge)

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Salt lounge? If you’re not familiar with them, you may be wondering what a salt lounge is. The genesis of halotherapy (salt therapy) began with the observation centuries ago by European monks that their patients improved faster when treated in natural salt caves. In the 1840s, Dr. Felix Bochkowsky observed that Polish salt miners had far fewer respiratory infections and decreased rates of tuberculosis than the average population. His successor at the state authority for occupational health, Dr. Mstislav Poljakowski, established the first salt clinic near Krakow, Poland, which is still in operation today. Russian physicians began studying halotherapy in the 1950s, publishing many studies on the health benefits of salt therapy and by the 1960s salt chambers opened throughout Eastern Europe. These chambers were used as health sanatoriums and respiratory hospitals. Today, health resorts throughout Europe offer halotherapy as part of their restorative programs. To read more go to: Salt Lounge

Far Infrared Sauna (FIR Sauna)


Far Infrared Saunas emit far infrared radiant heat, increasing the body’s core temperature and inducing healing heat shock proteins at lower temperatures than traditional saunas. Far Infrared Sauna therapy can be a useful adjunct for detoxification protocols. Schedule your sauna session at Haven to sweat, detoxify, and relax. For more information go to FIR Sauna.






SCENAR (Self Control Energo Neuro Adapative Regulation) is an electric device developed by Russian doctors, used to treat pain, swelling, and stress responses. SCENAR can help reduce swelling and pain in acute trauma, and can be beneficial for chronic pain syndromes. In the hands of a trained SCENAR therapist, the device can help resolve both acute and chronic issues. Dr. Rapaport received her Master Level training in Neurology and Pain from Professor A. Revenko, the Russian neurologist who developed the device. She is a Level I, II, and III trainer and teaches Medical SCENAR. Whether you are a patient searching for additional ways to treat your pain or a practitioner looking for a therapeutic modality to help your patients, consider SCENAR therapy. For more information go to SCENAR.


Pain Management and Sports Injury Management

When the body is injured, a chain of events begins to unfold to limit the damage, resulting in inflammation and pain. At Haven, we recognize the many aspects of pain and work with you to repair the effects of injury on muscles, fascia, the nervous system, and joints. Using SCENAR therapy, kinesiotape, nutrients, trigger point therapy and injection, and referrals to the most appropriate practitioners for your particular injury, we can help you find answers and resolve your injury or pain.



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