Household Dust & Mold Allersode


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Lypholized, freeze dried New Zealand glands and tissues. Formulated and produced under the guidelines of HPUS. Produced from superior ingredients and quality controlled to insure optimum potency, safety and highest efficacy. Desensitization Formulas PCHF Allersodes are homeopathic attenuations of antigens or substances that cause the production of antibodies. Diluted homeopathic doses of these antigens are intended to dampen the body’s hyper-responsiveness, thus desensitizing. Allersodes combine an array of common allergenic materials with Adrenal, Liver, ACTH, and Histamine to promote non-specific resistance and symptomatic assistance to allergic stressors. Allersode formulas include potencies of individual agents ranging from 6X to 100X.


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